Falcon Plus

Falcon+ : A new range of opportunities from Falcon

Falcon’s long history of excellent coaching is only matched by its extensive reach through Bedford and the surrounding areas. With clubs running from schools all over the county we are looking at more ways to bring gymnastics and it’s benefits to an even broader audience.

This is where we are proud to introduce Falcon+.

Falcon+ will cover our range of curriculum and workshop work that we are now in a position to offer. On top of this we are going to be able to offer bespoke one-to-one and one-to-two sessions that we will be running in school holidays throughout the year.


Curriculum work covers our work with schools to provide specialised gymnastics coaching in primary school PE lessons. These are aimed at giving each child the best opportunity to experience gymnastics and allow teachers to observe and learn from our qualified coaches.

All sessions will cover the basics of gymnastics such as balance and strength building whilst providing an introduction to flexibility and gymnastics skills. These will be tailored to the year group so ensure you tell us in advance what ages we will be catering for across either 6 or 12 week blocks.



Unlike our curriculum programme our workshops are available to primary and secondary schools as one off sessions. These can be used in place of PE lessons or can be used to supplement other subjects such as dance. Available in sessions ranging from 1 – 3 hours with the length depending on the workshop booked.

Workshop Duration
Freerunning 1 – 2 Hours
Flexibility 1 – 3 Hours
General Gymnastics  1 Р3 Hours
Handbalancing and Handstands 1 – 3 Hours
Gymnastics Fitness 1 Hour
Acrobatics 1 – 3 hours


Bespoke Gymnastics

One-to-one/two gymnastics is a new venture we are excited about. These aim to provide a little extra support to gymnasts who are keen and are targeted primarily at our existing members, though there are opportunities for non-members also. Each gymnast will be asked to provide skills they’d like to work towards and some information about their general gymnastic ability to ensure that the one-to-one sessions are targeted at the appropriate stage for their development. At the close of sessions they will be given exercises to work on that can help improve their skills from the safety of home.

These will be available in 45 minute sessions over school holidays with dates being announced closer to the time. Stay tuned for more information on how to book!