Falcon Invitational Championships 2016 – Results

Sunday 3rd July 2016
Partnerships from across our Excel squad took part in the Falcon Invitational Championships at Beauchamp Middle School. This for some of our young gymnasts was the first competitive environment they would have experienced and so nerves were high both in the lead up to and on the day of competition. It was an early start for most with over 100 gymnasts taking part from across five different clubs (Falcon, Salto, Stevenage, Woodland and Harlequin). It was a great competition for all involved and all our gymnasts performed to the best of their ability. Every single one of them were great representatives of the club and held their own on the competition floor.

The competition proved close for all involved with Bronze, Silver and Gold medals being achieved throughout the day. In total we entered 17 partnerships, 12 of which took home a medal. In total Falcon collected 27 medals, (Gold – 8, Silver – 6, Bronze – 13). This year we introduced a team competition whereby 5 partnerships were nominated prior to the competition date. The teams had to consist of 2 pairs, 2 trios and then an optional partnership of the coaches choice. In total there were 5 teams competing and I am delighted to say that Falcon Team One managed to secure 1st place and Falcon Team Two came away with 2nd place!

A special mention should go to our medal winners:

Gold Medals

Grade 1 Womens Pairs – Gabriella Derilo & Cailin Dunne
Grade 2 Womens Pairs – Lanais Pitts-Wallace-Luke & Maddie Route
Grade 3 Womens Pairs – Caoimhe McEvoy & Flo Toumazou
Grade 2 Mens Pair – Ben Edwards & Charlie Mclaughlin

Silver Medals

Grade 1 Womens Pair- Lily Livsey & Phoebe Toff
Grade 2 Womens Pairs – Amy Hopkins & Evie Worbey
Grade 3 Mixed Pairs – Samuel Jackson & Amelia Kermez

Bronze Medals

Grade 1 Womens Pairs – Tia Lane & Erin Tolmie
Grade 2 Womens Pairs – Mia Peters & Aoife McEvoy
Grade 2 Womens Groups – Katie Tranquada, Kaylen Charles & Daisy Steed
Grade 3 Womens Groups – Gemma Kind, Kara Christensen & Rachel Forbes-Laird
Grade 3 Womens Groups – Mimi Derilo, Woosie Osei-Bonsu & Isobel Coleman

The coaching team would like to congratulate every gymnast that took part on the day, well done!