Falcon Fundamentals – Handstands

Handstands are a fundamental skill for gymnasts and the wider gymnastics community recognises this with June 27th, International Handstand Day. As a club, Falcon decided to mark it in the only we can, with copious amounts of handstands!

So the call went out to our squad gymnasts to send in photos of their best and most exciting handstands. They did not disappoint. Sending in a wide collection of photos, alongside some of their coaches, to show the various places they have done their handstands. We have beaches, on top of walls and even on a paddleboard. We have an array of shapes and some even with their partners, going to show just how different each handstand can be.
In the time of so much uncertainty and hopefulness about when we will finally be allowed to resume training, it’s a show of our united front. Falcon pulls together and the pictures are a testimony to that, all together handstanding. So please enjoy the photos below and we hope to be back to normal as soon as we can.