County Championships 2016 – Results

Sunday 20th November 2016
Partnerships from across our competition squad took part in the County Championships 2016 at Salto gymnastics club in Luton. All our gymnasts performed to the best of their ability and were great representatives of Falcon against the rest of the clubs within our county.

The competition proved close for all involved with Bronze, Silver and Gold medals being achieved throughout the day. In total, Falcon collected 32 medals, (Gold – 17, Silver – 10, Bronze – 5).

A special mention should go to our medal winners:

Gold Medals

Grade 1 Womens Pairs – Tia Layne & Erin Tolmie
Grade 2 Womens Pairs – Lanais Pitts-Wallace-Luke & Maddie Route
Grade 4 Mens Pairs – Sam Petherick-Arden & Eliot Kissindja
Grade 5 Womens Pairs – Natasha Denham & Madeleine Roberts
Grade 5 Womens Groups – Shantae PWL, Molly Blizard & Farah Ashad
Grade 6 Womens Groups – Rebecca Gifford, Lucie Gifford & Amandine Gaillard
FIG 12-18 Womens Groups – Jessica Horne, Madelin Sheen & Rosie Woodward

Silver Medals

Grade 1 Womens Pairs – Evie Worbey & Gabriella Derilo
Grade 3 Womens Pairs – Caoimhe McEvoy & Flo Toumazou
Grade 3 Womens Groups – Mimi Derilo, Woosie Osei-Bonsu & Bella Reaney
Grade 5 Womens Groups – Charlotte Gregory, Chloe Kumar & Cherelle Burke

Bronze Medals

Grade 1 Womens Pairs – Aoife McEvoy & Phoebe Toff
Grade 2 Womens Groups – Kaylen Charles, Katie Tranquada & Cailin Dunne


The coaching team would like to congratulate every gymnast that took part on the day, well done!