Bucks Open 2016 – Results

Sunday 2nd October 2016
Partnerships from Falcon representing our lower grades (1-3) were excited to take part in the Bucks Open 2016 competition held at the Kingston Gymnastics Centre in Milton Keynes. For all these partnerships it was the first time that they have gone to represent Falcon at an out of Region competition. Being an ‘Open Competition’ clubs from all over the country were eligible to enter, with clubs from as far away as Portsmouth making the journey.

At the competition there were over 130 gymnasts taking part. It was a great competition for all involved and all our gymnasts performed to the best of their ability. Every single one of them were great representatives of the club and held their own on the competition floor.

The competition proved close for all involved with Silver and Gold medals being achieved throughout the day. In total we entered 5 partnerships, 4 of which took home a medal. In total, Falcon collected 9 medals, (Gold – 4, Silver – 5).

A special mention should go to our medal winners:

Gold Medals

Grade 1 Womens Pairs – Gabriella Derilo & Cailin Dunne
Grade 2 Womens Pairs – Lanais Pitts-Wallace-Luke & Maddie Route

Silver Medals

Grade 3 Womens Pairs – Caoimhe McEvoy & Flo Toumazou
Grade 3 Womens Groups – Gemma Kind, Caitlin Gough & Rachel Forbes-Laird

The coaching team would like to congratulate every gymnast that took part on the day, well done!