2020: Falcon’s Year in Review

In spite of how testing last year has been, Falcon has proven once again how resilient it is. Through lockdown’s and tier shifts Falcon has been maintaining a high standard of gymnastics coaching in a COVID safe environment.

2020 didn’t go how we planned, not in the slightest. At the beginning of the year, we were ready to finish our competition season with a triumphant showing at the Regional Prelims. Routines were polished and the standard across our squads was never higher. But this was at the beginning of March. Then slowly the government unveiled their plans to fight COVID-19. One-by-one businesses and schools were shut, and finally a national lockdown was announced on 23rd March.

But we fought back, our squads showed their commitment with their Zoom attendance across the long months. Together we learned some of the strangest and unique ways to stretch and condition when trapped at home. Not to mention our advanced gymnasts who joined us for a course of Zoom sessions as well. It goes to show we remained united as Falcon, coaches and gymnasts together.

Two Zoom quizzes followed to great success showing that we are more than just a gymnastics club. With our final Zoom quiz we thought we had seen the last of the dodgy internet connections and WhatsApp messages. We were back. Sort of.

Outdoor training was a new experience for us all but there is no denying the fun that was had. Finally we were able to see and talk to each other properly. A special note to the parents who brought their children to the sessions and sat waiting patiently for it to finish. The bringing of picnic chairs and the ensuing chatter goes to show the Falcon is a community.

Summer marked our return to indoor training with successful summer courses for general gymnasts and our advanced squads running throughout the holidays. All this gearing up for our return to some form of normality in September. There was uncertainty on how it was going to go but our team of young coaches pulled together to deliver some outstanding coaching in spite of the new restrictions and difficulties. It was new territory but there is no denying that Falcon’s future is in safe hands with the coaches that are up and coming through our ranks.

October half term came around and we ran our first ever half-term course with attendance numbers showing us that our community of members were still keen as ever. All this before Lockdown 2.0 and we returned to Zoom, unfortunately. But we kept fighting, we launched our Members Area and our Instagram pages to bring more content to all our gymnasts.

Topping off our return to gymnastics in December we completed our Falcon Advent Calendar on Instagram. The skills and talent our gymnasts displayed is undoubtedly something to be proud of. 2020 as a year has not been easy and there is no telling what 2021 will bring. Lockdown 3.0 has returned us to Zoom with our first sessions being a roaring success we already cannot wait to be back doing what we love. 2021 will bring Falcon into its 45th year of existence and we are still standing. Better than that we are thriving.

From all the team at Falcon, thank you all for your support over the last 12 months. They have been tough for everyone and we aren’t out of the woods yet. Standing together though we will ensure that when we return again, as a club and community, we will be back with a bang, stronger than ever.